Toronto Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning ServicesOften a building will look great on most of its surface, but below signs and flashing ugly black "rain streaks" can occur. This is common on storefronts and strips malls, but they can also appear on residential buildings. With steam and special cleaners we can clean these trouble areas.

Although it may seem contrary to common sense, we clean buildings by starting at the bottom and proceeding to the top. We keep the surfaces below wet as we clean upward. Dirty water or cleaning solution dripping from brick cleaning in progress above will leave streaks on a dirty surface, but will not streak a clean surface as long as it is kept wet and rinsed.

Our Toronto Brick Cleaning Provides These Detailed Services

  • Brick Cleaning
  • Cleaning a Brick Fireplace
  • Brick Wall Cleaning
  • Brick Fireplace Cleaning
  • Fireplace Brick Cleaning
  • Acid Brick Cleaning
  • Cleaning Fireplace Brick
  • Cleaning Brick Fireplace
  • Brick Cleaning Acid
  • Cleaning Brick
  • Cleaning Mortar From Brick
  • Cleaning Brick Wall

We Provide Brick Cleaning in the Following Areas:

Ontario Canada - Toronto, CA | Ottawa, CA | Mississauga, CA | Hamilton, CA | Brampton, CA | London, CA | Markham, CA | Vaughan, CA | Windsor, CA | Kitchener, CA

Why Toronto Should Hire Us for Their Brick Cleaning is a division of Splash Mobile Truck Wash Inc. Splash Mobile has been in the fleet and industrial cleaning business for the last 20 years in the GTA. We have diversified over the years to balance seasonal work to ensure a consistent work force. Year round we wash food service and vehicles. In the winter months we added innovative services such as building and fill ice rinks and remove snow and ice from trailer tops. Please visit for more info

Our service people are trained in WHIMIS, Lift Operation and Fall Protection. They are outfitted with reflective personal protective equipment and are always ready for remote site access. Our fleet of 6 mobile wash trucks are equipped with with 8 hours of water supply and hot water /steam wash equipment. We have a "Stealth Wash Truck" that has been designed to eliminate motor noise for night-time work or or quiet zones such as hospital areas and residential neighborhoods.

If you are looking for a Toronto brick cleaning service then please call 416.540.6688 or complete our online request form.